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BJJ Progressive Book & DVD by Vinicius Draculino

  • State: Illinois
  • Country: United States
  • Listed: April 5, 2013 6:25 pm
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Gracie Barra instructor Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes teaches in this book and DVD package what he believes to be the best way to improve students learning of BJJ. Through “progressive teaching”, Draculino will guide you through takedowns, guard passes, side control attacks, and guard attacks. In all the techniques shown, the situations are connected, beginning from a general and basic situation to the development that each case can go.

Book contents:

Chapter 1: Takedowns & Throws
-Classic Baiana takedown
-Twisted Baiana takedown
-Hook trap Baiana takedown
-Elbow hit Baiana takedown
-High crotch with elbow trap
-High crotch with grip release
-Ippon seioi nage with reversed grip
-Modified ko uchi gari
-Counter attack of the high crotch with sumi gaeshi
-High crotch kimura counter
-High crotch counter with shoulder and head turn

Chapter 2: Guard Passes & Variations
-Basic stand up passing
-Stand up guard passing with one arm trapped
-Cross knee guard pass
-Esgrima guard pass with kata gatame finish
-Squeezing the lemon guard pass
-Arm pull up guard pass
-Reversed half guard pass
-Toreando spider guard pass
-Spinning guard pass with submission
-Spinning guard pass with back control
-Guard pass by pushing the knee
-Leg bar from the guard pass
-Crossed foot lock from the knee guard pass

Chapter 3: Submissions & Attacks from Side Control
-Baseball choke using the same lapel
-Magic grip from side control to the back choke
-Side guillotine with lapel grip
-Lapel choke with hands switch
-Cowboy choke from knee on chest position
-Modified cowboy choke from knee on chest position
-Step over choke
-Side control triangle with arm lock submission
-Side control modified triangle with arm lock submission
-Opposite lapel choke with elbow pressure
-Reversed shoulder choke with neck pressure
-Triangle choke from side control
-Killer choke

Chapter 4: Attacks from the Guard
-Calf choke from the guard
-Reversed choke with reversal
-Rocket sweep
-Modified kimura from the closed guard
-Loop lapel choke from closed guard
-Modified laped choke from closed guard
-Choke with just one hand on the collar
-Bizarre choke with reversal
-Arm bar through ankle grab (stand) sweep
-Sweep by pressuring hips on the knee
-Foot lock from omoplata sweep
-Cambalhota sweep from omoplata
-Simple lagartixa sweep
-Variation from the lagartixa sweep
-High knee sweep from spider guard with guard pass
-Modified S sweep from spider guard with guard pass
-Reversed half guard sweep from spider guard
-Going to the back with the outside hook
-Kick up sweep from the spider guard

DVD Contents:

-Contains detailed instruction of all techniques shown in the book.

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