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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Maximum Book & DVD by Alberto Crane

  • State: Illinois
  • Country: United States
  • Listed: April 5, 2013 6:31 pm
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Gracie Barra instructor Alberto Crane is back with his 2nd installment of his best selling book & DVD combos with instruction on submissions, escapes, guard passes, sweeps, and more.

Chapter 1: Triangle
-Flying triangle when person is in sitting guard
-Milking the cow triangle choke
-Upside armbar to triangle
-Guillotine choke to triangle
-No arm triangle
-Triangle fletcher stretcher

Chapter 2: Straight Ankle Locks
-Ankle lock from guard
-Straight ankle lock from scissor guard
-Straight ankle lock from sitting guard
-Striaght ankle lock sweep
-Straight ankle lock push and pull sweep
-Transition to x-guard from ankle lock defense

Chapter 3: X-guard
-X-guard taking out the trash sweep
-X-guard taking out the trash sweep when opponent tries to stand up & get away
-X-guard arm grab sweep
-X-guard stiff arm backwards sweep

Chapter 4: Side Control
-Side control lock down position
-Side control lock down position to neck crank
-Side control lock down position to sieg heil choke
-Side control lock down position to bread cutter choke
-Kimura crank back to kimura combination
-Kimura collar wrap up to choke
-Kimura collar wrap to crucifix choke
-Baseball bat choke from knee on stomach
-Side control to 1-2-3-4 twister combo

Chapter 5: Guard Passes
-Smash pass to the inside
-Smash pass to the outside
-Helicopter pass from open guard
-Kill the arm pass
-Kill the arm pass to back control
-Half guard collar choke
-Death trap combo 1 (3/4 nelson)
-Combo 2 (anaconda choke)
-Combo 3 (north-south choke)
-Combo 4 (spine snapper)

Chapter 6: Escape
-Look up triangle escape
-Pin the leg triangle escape
-Fall back with your legs locked triangle escape
-Armbar grabbing your bicep escape from the top
-Spinout armbar escape
-Knee bar escape kick out
-Knee bar escape pulling on the inside of his knee escape
-Kimura escape
-Kimura escape to spin around armbar
-Guillotine escape 1
-Guillotine escape 2
-Guillotine escape 3
-Guillotine escape 4
-Americana escape 1-2
-Ninja side control escape to leg americana finish

Chapter 7: Guard Attacks
-Feed the arm position
-Feed the arm spin sweep
-Feed the arm forward sweep
-Dynamic weave sweep
-Dynamic weave sweep to the back
-De la Riva guard to armbar
-De la Riva guard to triangle
-Helicopter sweep to mount
-Pull arm across sweep to back

Chapter 8: Turtle Position
-Crucifix to armbar 1
-Crucifix to armbar 2
-Crucifix to rear naked choke
-Crucifix to collar choke
-Jump over crucifix 1-2-3 combo
-Helio Moreira crucifix roll 1-2-3-4 combo
-Clock choke basic
-Clock choke variation 1
-Clock choke variation 2
-Clock choke to crucifix

Chapter 9: Wrist Locks
-Standing tie up wrist lock
-Side control wrist lock
-Side control lapel wrap up wrist lock
-Wrist lock from mount
-Wrist lock from half guard
-Wrist lock for triangle choke
-Omoplata with lapel control to wrist lock

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